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The Difference between Intel Xeon and i7 Processors

By | April 8, 2017

Hey TechRoids, Intel Core i7/i5 Pros Overclocking – Unlocked i5 and i7 processor are designed to be overclocked, meaning they can run at higher clock speed than what they’re qualified for, assuming the right voltage and BIOS settings. This equate to free power and more values, a feature that Xeons do not have. GHz per… Read More »

Origin EON 17-X Gaming Laptop : Extreme Mobile Engineering

By | November 13, 2016

Hey TechRoids, Today we will talk about the Best Single GPU Gaming Laptop present on the Streets at the time. Yes! you read that correctly. After beating all his competitors in the list, He became the King of the Street Gaming World.   We are Talking About Origin EON17-X 10 Series. When you are ready… Read More »