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The GhostHook Attack to Bypass the Microsoft PatchGuard

By | June 25, 2017

Hey techRoids, Vulnerabilities discovered in Microsoft PatchGuard kernel protection could allow hackers to plant rootkits on computers running the company’s latest and secure operating system, Windows 10. Researchers at CyberArk Labs have developed a new attack technique which could allow hackers to completely bypass PatchGuard, and hook a malicious kernel code (rootkits) at the kernel… Read More »

New Kind Of Cyber Attack

By | June 19, 2017

Hey techJunkie, Long Time no see. 😀 Today we will talk about the Latest type of attack. Israeli cyber security expert reveals the newest attack for stealing network data. Security researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) found that attackers can secretly obtain data (such as encryption keys, passwords and files) from extremely… Read More »

The Difference between Intel Xeon and i7 Processors

By | April 8, 2017

Hey TechRoids, Intel Core i7/i5 Pros Overclocking – Unlocked i5 and i7 processor are designed to be overclocked, meaning they can run at higher clock speed than what they’re qualified for, assuming the right voltage and BIOS settings. This equate to free power and more values, a feature that Xeons do not have. GHz per… Read More »